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Police in the UK has been left stunned after spotting an individual driving a badly damaged Porsche Boxster S after a crash.

The German sports car was stopped by a Surrey police officer near Cobham after authorities received a call from a fellow motorist. When officer Serge Hadfield responded, he found the Boxster dragging its rear bumper along the road.

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Speaking with the police officer, the owner of the Boxster said he had just crashed the car on the M25 in Kent and “thought it would be ok” to continue driving the sports car. Police had the driver perform a breath test to see if he had been drinking and while he returned a positive breath test, he was under the prescribed limit.

An image shared online by the Roads Policing Unit of the Surrey Police shows that the Boxster’s rear-end suffered extensive damage. Not only has the bumper been torn from the car but the owner appears to have thought it would be a good idea to stuff it into the trunk. We can also see that the taillights have been ruined and the rear crash structure has been damaged. It goes without saying that driving a car in this state isn’t a smart idea.

Given the damage sustained to the crash, it seems likely that the car will be deemed a complete write-off. That’s if it is insured, of course.


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