‘That’s not how this works’: Woman rear ends Lamborghini, tries to blame its driver for hitting her in viral video – The Daily Dot

A viral Reddit video clip shows a lady effort to blame an additional chauffeur in a Lamborghini after she rear-ends him.

The video was published by u/esberat to the popular r/PublicFreakout; the footage shows a damaged rear on a Lamborghini being in a south Florida gasoline station. After a cut, a lady, likely a staff member inside the neighboring gas station, utilizes her phone to access the safety and security system.

She shows the motorist the footage that catches an Audi sedan rear-ending his Lamborghini.

” You are here, and she hits you,” she states.

” You have where she (strike the auto)?” he asks. She runs it back for the man, for confirmation.

Somehow, however, the female comes walking quick towards his vehicle, which he’s currently eliminated of web traffic.

The woman knocks on the home window, declaring, “You did that to the front of my fucking cars and truck.”

After he starts laughing, because he’s seen the proof, she asks him, “What’s funny? That’s my brand-new fucking vehicle!”

” Well, when you rear-end people, that’s not just how this works,” he reacts. “It’s alright; I’ll call the police officers genuine quick. You’re saying that I strike you from behind.”

” No, you hit me in the front of it. Bear in mind, I was at the red light, and you entered front of me as well as hit my cars and truck,” she says, which is not real according to the security footage.

The motorist laughs it off, but she’s not amused. The next jump shows the lady suddenly distressed, being kept back by who seems her guy, around the Lamborghini: “I’m round to beat the fuck outta this bitch!”

The Lamborghini motorist screams out, “Worldstar!” yet the female tosses no hands. The following jump shows her on the phone with the guy tossing his hands up in reaction to her broken cars and truck.

The best remark originated from u/RoutSpout, concerning the ridiculous rise she must expect: “Insurance coverage: ‘I’m about to raise the premiums outta dis bitch!'”

The Daily Dot reached out to the alleged Lamborghini motorist for remark.

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* First Published: Oct 2, 2021, 3:47 pm CDT

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