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Faced with an expensive repair bill, a man from Finland decided to simply dispose of his Tesla Model S in a very unique way.

Tuomas Katainen teamed up with Lauri Vuohensilta from the Hydraulic Press YouTube channel and the Pommijatkat (Bomb Dudes) YouTube channel to strap 66 pounds of dynamite to his broken car to effectively blow it up. Taking place in Jaala, Finland, Katainen revealed that his 2013 Tesla Model S required a battery replacement which Tesla quoted at $22,000 USD. Considering that the opening price for a new 2013 Tesla Model S starts at $57,400 USD and a used one costs around $30,000 USD, it simply didn’t make sense to fix his car.

“Well when I bought that Tesla, the first 1,500km [932 miles] were nice,” said Katainen said in the video, but then error codes made the car undrivable. Strapping an Elon Musk-like dummy and removing the battery and motors, the car was blown up in a quarry to address the expensive factory repairs Tesla owners faces.

Watch the explosive video above.

In case you missed it, New Balance was recently sued for falsely marketing “MADE IN THE USA” sneakers.

Source: https://hypebeast.com/2021/12/tesla-owner-expensive-repair-bill-model-s-blow-up-explosives-watch-info

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