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Leave it to Tesla to turn a mandated safety feature into a prankster’s dream.

As part of its holiday update, the automaker has rolled out a feature that turns some Teslas into megaphones. At the press of a button, anything drivers say will be emitted through external speakers. The external speakers, only available in Teslas since 2019, were originally meant to serve as a required pedestrian warning system, notes Electrek, which first reported on the update.

In a demonstration shared to Twitter, Tesla showed a driver shouting “excuse me, you dropped something” at someone dressed as Santa after a gift fell from their arms.

But we can imagine Tesla drivers getting way more troll-y. Remember when Tesla added a “boombox” feature that let owners make their cars fart, bleat like a goat, and blast an airhorn like a ’90s DJ? The megaphone builds off that suite of pre-programmed sounds.

Here’s a video of YouTube creator Ryan Shaw testing out the megaphone, noting that it lowers his voice as it broadcasts.


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What could go wrong?

Source: https://mashable.com/article/tesla-megaphone-update

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