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A Richmond lady has actually been prosecuted for tried murder after she presumably ran over her sweetheart with a van.Tabitha Reece, 39

, Richmond, has actually been fingered for first-degree attack as well as tried first-degree murder.The choice was made on May 28, 2021, by the Madison Circuit Court Division I. The charge checks out, on or

concerning Sept. 25, 2020, in Madison County, Kentucky, Reece dedicated the infraction of first-degree attack by running over Jerry Whittie with her van, triggering him major physical injury; or in the option, on or concerning Sept. 25, 2020, in Madison County, Kentucky, Reece devoted the crime of tried first-degree murder by running over Jerry Whittie with her van, with the intent to create his death.Tabiath was not

put behind bars at the time of the charge. She was jailed by the Madison County Sheriff Department on Wednesday.According to a previous Register short article, on Sept. 25, Richmond cops were contacted us to a house at Keri Ann Court after a hang-up/unknown telephone call entered 911-dispatch.

Upon their arrival, Reece informed police officers the target, her sweetheart, was hemorrhaging from his nose. She informed police officers she had actually run over the target with a van, and also police officers saw the target on the ground, less competent as well as blood loss from the head, nose, and also ears.In a meeting at the authorities division, Reece informed police officers the sufferer had excessive to consume alcohol at her little girl’s apartment or condo. She determined to drive him to his residence on Keri Ann Court. According to the citation, she informed police officers the pair started to say en route to the house.

Once they showed up, Reece claimed the target declined to leave the car, and also when he did, he pounded the door of her minivan.After he went out

, Reece specified she mosted likely to revoke the driveway, however she drifted backwards after the target kicked her passenger-side door 4 times.Then, Reece stated she came to be so mad she placed the car right into drive as well as quickened in the direction of the target, and afterwards whipped the lorry in a U-turn around him. She stated she thought she had actually run over him after driving via his backyard as well as his next-door neighbor’s yard to finish the turn as well as saw him pushing the ground.Both eye-witness accounts as well as criminal repair systems have actually validated Reece enhanced the rate as well as made the turn which would certainly have struck the victim.When asked if she realized that she made an outright neglect for the security of the sufferer’s life with her choices, she responded

,”That’s what it looks like.”The target was carried to UK Hospital as well as Medical Center and also was less competent and also intubated at the time of the citation.According to emergency room team, the sufferer endured busted ribs, a damaged jaw, as well as a stressful mind hemorrhage that created his mind to change.


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