Pirelli Makes Special Rubber For Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition – CarBuzz

With performance figures like that, it’s essential that you’re stuck like glue to the tarmac. Working with Ford, Pirelli has developed a unique P-Zero tire for the fastest Mustang Mach-E. Available in 245/45R20 103Y XL size, the sticky rubber can be identified by the ‘Elect’ legend found on the sidewall, denoting Pirelli’s tires for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The tires, says the Milan-based company, have been created to allow drivers to fully enjoy the performance of the athletic crossover. Aside from the obvious handling and grip benefits, the bespoke product also takes other factors into consideration and aids in improving comfort with less road noise and extended range, courtesy of a low rolling resistance.

Source: https://carbuzz.com/news/pirelli-makes-special-rubber-for-ford-mustang-mach-e-gt-performance-edition

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