Lamborghini Is Resurrecting Something 50 Years Old and Countach-Like—But What? – Motor Trend

The Italian car manufacturer has something else in the jobs, and this time around, it might involve the rebirth of an early Countach in model form. Today in a mysterious tweet, Lamborghini stated that it has some interesting news. Upon reviewing the vague news release related to this statement, we understand this much: Whatever Lambo is speaking about, it is from half a century back, has a wacky disco-era seat style, and is loud.We do not

have much verification to suppose the precise model or that Lamborghini is servicing a repair project, however that black natural leather seat in the video is very reminiscent of the chair style utilized in the LP500 prototype as well as early Countach designs. While Lambo’s job could likewise be a leisure– the original LP500 model was stated to be utilized in crash testing and afterwards scrapped, indicating there is no vehicle to “bring back” per se– here’s to really hoping the secret project, if Countach-related, does a better task of highlighting among Lamborghini’s a lot of poster-worthy creations of all time than the “new” Countach.

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