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Kimberly Loaiza offers a Lamborghini to her spouse, he declines it!

The popular influencer Mazatlan Kimberly Loaiza has actually offered her hubby a Lamborghini Juan de Dios Pantoja For her 26th birthday celebration, nonetheless, her response was not as anticipated.

Kimberly Loaiza lately shared the video clip of what occurred on the current birthday celebration of her spouse Juan de Dios Pantoja, nevertheless, what stood apart in the video clip is the glamorous vehicle that the youtuber to the love of his life.

And also it is that since they have actually come to be millionaires as well as are exceptionally well financially many thanks to the job they have, the Mexican offered him a Lamborghini in black, which was a desire for fellow vocalist JD Pantoja, that was incredibly stunned.

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This is just how in the YouTube video clip of Kim, we can see that Juan does not wish to obtain the pricey present, because he assumes that he does not deserve it and also informs his partner that it is something really pricey that he must not have actually invested in that.

It deserves discussing that the renowned Jukilop pair normally invest without procedure as we lately observed in the best of the tune “Mejor Sola”, where Kim as well as Juan welcomed 50 tiktokers to an excellent event in Acapulco.

The party or the little performance was kept in a special resort in the city of Acapulco, Guerrero where they had all the conveniences in addition to glamorous presents.

On the various other hand, it is very important to keep in mind that Kim Loaiza as well as the influencer Juan de Dios will transform 10 years with each other, given that they have actually recognized each various other because they were minors, back then Kim was 14 years of ages while JD currently had 17 years.

There is no question that Kimberly Loaiza and also Juan De Dios Pantoja are among one of the most pertinent and also prominent numbers of influencers today.

Along with having 2 youngsters alike, YouTubers have actually visited, shared successes on socials media, starred on the covers of one of the most crucial publications in Mexico as well as won global honors with each other.

And also although that their partnership has actually had limitless ups as well as downs, Kimberly as well as Juan de Dios have actually handled to continue their love as well as obviously they have actually shown to be excellent moms and dads to their 2 young kids.

As we pointed out in the past, Kimberly as well as JD fulfilled extremely young as well as back then, the YouTuber danced with a team of pals from Mazatlán and also among their discussions went to Kimberly’s relative’s institution, where they fulfilled for the very first time and also she asked him to take an image with each other, and also well, the remainder is background.


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