Jenson Button And Ant Anstead Have Big Plans For Radford – CarBuzz

Beyond the clocks, owners can customize any element of the car (for a cost). If a client says “here’s a piece of my mom’s rain coat,” as an example, Radford can incorporate it into the seat.

Button’s meticulous attention to details such as the switches has resulted in a cabin that perfectly blends the past and the present. Though the interior is minimal, it still features modern technology like Bluetooth and a digital gauge cluster. The 62-2 even bears the distinction of offering cameras rather than regular wing mirrors, a feature we’ve not seen on any road-legal car sold in the US due to prohibitive legislation.

So, what’s next for Radford? Anstead tells us, “the next Radford is already developed. We haven’t announced it yet. It’s coming, and it’s not a sports car. The [production] numbers are slightly higher than the Lotus. We also had an extended conversation with a luxury OEM about producing a one-off.”

Perhaps the next model could be a luxury grand tourer? A Bentley, maybe?


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