Jeep Trackhawk Ain’t Impressed by the Lamborghini Aventador, Puts It in the Obituaries – autoevolution

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is absolutely among those flights that belong in between 4 cushioned wall surfaces, as it is remarkably fast as well as greatly effective in a straight line wherefore is still, fundamentally, a family members cars and truck.

Evidence stand the plenty of video clips that reveal it at work at the drag strip, defeating some heavyweights, consisting of among its arch opponents, the Lamborghini Urus, on a number of events.

In this circumstances, nevertheless, it really did not fulfill the incredibly SUV from the Sant ‘Agata Bolognese marque, however their front runner supercar, which was lately retired. The yellow Aventador aligned at the beginning line beside the American automobile, being applauded by the group, as well as looking all positive that it has what it requires to defeat the heck out of the large poor Jeep.When the lights

transformed eco-friendly, the chauffeur of the Lambo tipped on the gas, a couple of tenths of a 2nd prior to the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Currently, it felt like the blue-blooded unique would certainly maintain its benefit towards completion of the run, yet a couple of secs later on, the Jeep surpassed it, winning the quarter-mile fight.

Currently, we would certainly not have actually divulged the end result, however it is a really unusual view to see an SUV, also one that flaunts 707 hp and also 645 lb-ft (875 Nm) of torque from its supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine, like the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, win a straight-line sprint versus a full-on supercar.But fret not, since the video clip installed down below is still worth seeing. The video footage is 4 mins as well as 45 secs long as well as reveals the Hellcat-powered maker fight with various other quick lorries, consisting of a Ferrari, a Porsche, a Brabus AMG, a BMW M, as well as an Audi Sport. Hence, this is the component where we welcome you to take a time-out and also struck the play switch.


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