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Formula 1 news: It feels like it’s been several years now that we’ve heard about the VW Group potentially entering Formula 1. One thing’s for sure, though – we will get a new entry in the sport in 2026.

How am I so sure? Well, the Group itself has repeatedly mentioned its prospects to race in F1 as it will benefit the brands massively in terms of marketing.

Furthermore, all the current ten teams even agreed to do away with the MGU-H in particular because it doesn’t really have a real-world significance. And it costs a lot for no good reason.

Word on the street is that Porsche might as well partner Red Bull as an engine partner, but then it could join Williams. As far as Audi goes, that place is reserved for McLaren only.

Formula 1 news: What’s the latest?

Even F1 boss, Stefano Domenicali, has joined the conversation. He thinks that January will be an “important month” for Volkswagen as it continues to weigh in the possibility of entering F1.

The situation is that it wants to, again, enter the sport, but it cannot think of which team to enter with. Porsche partnering up with Red Bull will boost the German marque’s popularity massively, while Audi-McLaren will mean positive news for both the companies. Especially their road-car division.

“I think we have an important month ahead of us in terms of the Volkswagen Group’s decision,” Domenicali said. “Joining would be great, but I can’t speak on behalf of VW. I was part of this incredible group for a few years (as CEO and President of Lamborghini from 2016-20) and I know how hard they are working on the future.”

“Our sustainable fuel, which we plan to use alongside new hybrid engines with a higher electric content, can give them a second route alongside electromobility,” he said.

Perhaps some more automakers to enter the sport?

Stefano further says that thanks to F1’s push towards sustainability, he hopes that the 2026 engines prove to be an attractive prospect for any potential new team or supplier, and not just VW.

Even Williams’ Team Principal, Jost Capito, who’s also had a stint at VW’s WRC program as its Head, says “his team would be happy to talk if Volkswagen did come into F1.”

Worth mentioning is that Williams is currently powered by Mercedes, which is set to continue until 2025 before the all-new regs kick in a year later.

Capito thinks that if there’s an opportunity for the Williams team, talks will be held because it is attractive for any team to get a factory engine.

Everything’s said and done, it is looking highly likely that we will see a new entry in F1 either as an engine partner or an outfit, soon. That said, it would be quite good if the decision is made at the earliest because we can’t just keep waiting for an official announcement. Not anymore.


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