Ford Kent 1600 Crossflow Fabricated Aluminum Valve Cover with a Billet Rail – Engine Builder

Moroso has introduced Part # 68200, valve cover for Ford Kent 1600 Crossflow cylinder heads. Designed to fit Formula Ford and other applications that Ford Racing Part No. M6582-16K fits. This valve cover is 2-7⁄8″ tall at the tallest section of the valve cover and is fabricated entirely from superior quality aluminum which makes it ultra-lightweight.

Their one-piece billet rail is CNC machined to ensure a precision flat surface for superior sealing. Mating of the billet rail to the valve cover is done with a smooth transition, eliminating trapped oil and spills when removing the cover. The part is designed with a broad, flat surface for engine builder engraving, they can be polished, chromed, powder coated or left as-is for a race look.


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