Animal Control Tries to Catch Zebras Still Loose in Maryland – NBC4 Washington

Animal control is attempting to capture a handful of zebras that are still free after they got away from a farm in Royal prince George’s County about 2 weeks ago.

At first, animal control put up a feeding terminal to coax the zebras back to the exclusive farm where they live in Croom, Maryland.

But upon that stopping working, animal control has currently erected an 8-foot high corral in the location where the zebras have been grazing in Upper Marlboro.

Eight-foot corral put up to catch the zebras in Upper Marlboro.Zebras are not an easy catch.”They are

pets that you simply can not stroll up

and place a lasso on,”Principal Rodney Taylor from Royal prince George’s Animal Control said.”They’re mosting likely to run away from you.”The zebras are possessed by Jerry Holly, a rich dog breeder and also trader of unique animals

, that has a history of keeping unusual pets. Officials state Holly brought 39 zebras to the farm in Croom last month. News4’s Paul Wagner resolves the zebra secret in Upper Marlboro. While they have been on the run, the zebras have actually ended up being

a web sensation inspiring memes as well as stunning everyone that finds

them. “I called 311 and she assumed I was crazy, she believed I was insane. She paused for a lengthy minute. I stated,’Ma’am, I am not drinking. I have actually not had any drugs

. I have zebras in my yard strolling on the train tracks,”Alexis Reed Curling, an Upper Marlboro resident, claimed. Government officials have actually also evaluated in. Congresswoman Eleanor Norton( D-DC)denied duty for allowing the zebras free.”My alibi is strong, “Norton stated

in a press release.

Norton really did not dish on exactly that supposedly implicated her of allowing the zebras loose,

yet she” supports flexibility normally,”her office pointed out.

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