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You can complain the present R8’s absence of hands-on transmission all you desire – the truth is Audi would certainly have been bonkers to use one. With 99 percent of purchasers in the last 3 years of the first-generation R8’s life neglecting the stick-shift variation of the automobile in favour of the’S Tronic’ dual-clutch transmission, establishing a brand-new hands-on merely made no feeling.

For the portion of individuals that do desire a second-gen R8 with gears moved the antique method, there is a brand-new choice from Underground Racing. There is a catch, nonetheless – the Charlotte-based receiver will just provide your R8 an added pedal if you select among its well known twin-turbo conversions.

These begin at $49,000, increasing to $175,000 for the especially expensive variations. The very first vehicle to obtain the hand-operated mod appears to be among the spendier selection. Appointed by among Underground’s “wonderful veteran clients,” the R8 Decennium includes a rear-mount UR Twin Turbo bundle supplying 1480bhp (1500bhp), a billet consumption manifold and also Lamborghini Huracan Performante centre-locking wheels.

The transmission originates from a 2012 R8, Underground informed Road & & Track. An entire host of personalized components needed to be produced to guarantee the transmission can be effective installed, and also it took a great deal of time to arrange the digital side of points. Although there isn’t a cost for the conversion simply yet, anticipate it to be quite expensive.

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