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First-generation Mustangs have so many legends around them. One of them has to do with a movie prop apparition. Granted, it was not just any Hollywood flick but Steve McQueen’s neo-noir action thriller film!

Does any association between the original pony car, the “King of Cool,” and the Bullitt word need any more introductions? Even Blue Oval head honchos decided to take advantage of the iconic film status half a century later. With an S550 Ford Mustang Bullitt special edition, of course.

This 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt example resides proudly in the inventory of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Garage Kept Motors, with a decidedly low mileage rating on the odometer. Just 4,807 miles (7,736 km) are inscribed on the instrument cluster gauges, making it almost like new.

Naturally, the Coyote V8-equipped pony car is dressed up in a Dark Highland Green body color and is also demanding icon status with a seriously subtle black interior. Sure, it’s anyone’s guess if these special editions will ever match the legendary status of the original Bullitt Mustangs. But one thing is for sure. Prices are going up.

Back when Ford announced the quotations for the 2019 model-year Mustangs, the Bullitt limited series had an MSRP of $46,595. Earlier this year, another 2019 Bullitt snatched exactly $45k at auction. That was basically a bargain since it came with even lower mileage (300 miles/483 km) and no dealer markups! But the situation seems to be changing.

Slowly, for the time being. But one can imagine that with the rising used car market quotations this Mustang Bullitt might prove a savvy investment today… and a profit-maker tomorrow. That is unless the new owner decides to continue racking up miles on the odometer and actually enjoy the bejesus out of this V8 ride.

Now, all one must do is decide which (philosophical) way to go after paying the dealership’s asking price of $49,900. Secretly, we wish the new owner merry lots of road trips!

Source: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/5k-mile-ford-mustang-bullitt-remains-accessible-snatch-it-before-prices-explode-178005.html

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